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  • Toro Blanco Improvements to Each Room

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    • sep. 16, 2023

    Hi I’m Amber Moreno the new owner of Toro Blanco. 


    I am excited to make some improvements to make it an even more enjoyable place for you to stay. A better stronger Wi-Fi connection and cable is coming early next week and there are more improvements to follow.  


    Oct 26,2021

    Renovations are going nicely. We are almost done staining the exterior wood on the ceilings and private outdoor area dividers.  

    Oct 28

    The renovations are coming along great, I’m so excited! Grupo KIWI is doing a great job. We’re hoping the first phase will be finished by late October. We will have a new finish for the pool and pool bar the exterior painted and repaired and a lot of the interior rooms remodeled and painted.  

    new supplies

    Staining the ceiling  

    They finished sanding and are starting to paint the ceilings and hotel room dividers for the patios and balconies  




    New sheets and pillows 



    Lots of new sheets, pillows and towels to add to newly remodeled Hotel Rooms 






    It's funny a lot has changed since I first purchased Toro Blanco Hotel near the end of Covid.  We have finished or 2nd or third time of making improvements for rooms and I am trying to add a history of Toro Blanco.  The picture below is from 2021 after the first rounds of improvements but since the improvements keep happening it looks even better now.

    Nov 7, 2021

    Almost all of the improvements are done in #8. It has new dishes, towels, sheets, paint and more! I think the next people that stay here will love it !!  

    Nov 7  2021 improvements in 8
    Feb 4 2022


    Every day Toro Blanco is getting more beautiful and enjoyable. It's a wonderful boutique beach hotel in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica. 1 block from the beach and 1 block from the main street with lots of things to do. Come check it out I'm sure you will enjoy it, Pura Vida! 2021 improvements
     Nov 5, 2021


    It’s a beautiful morning at  TORO BLANCO RESORT There’s a rainbow this morning and the painting of the exterior and adding a new surface for the pool is going along very nicely. If the rain cooperates, we are hoping to have the pool ready for use again in a couple of weeks. 


    painting and rainbow




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